Unprocessed ERA - Reprocessing

Unprocessed ERA - Reprocessing

If the following steps do not update the ERA into Posted pending review, you will need to post the ERA manually.

1. From the Payments Tab
2. Click on EDI Payments
3. Select Unprocessed ERA's from the dropdown menu
4. Click the View button
5. Go to the last page of Unprocessed ERA's
6. Click the View ERA Details link and compare the patient name (spelling) and HIC number in the patient's account (Patient Info in BM). Update BM to reflect the payer's spelling and member ID.
7. Click the Reprocess button to the right of the ERA
8. Check the ERA's the next day and post as needed

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NOTE: If the ERAs do not reprocess, please verify it is not due to the reasons listed below. Verify the information below by clicking ERA Detail under Payments > EDI Payments > Unprocessed ERAs.

1. No Patient Name, Claim ID number or Acct # (should be posted manually)
2. Refund (should be posted manually)
3. Bonus Check (should be posted manually)
4. Incorrect patient name, incorrect HIC (insurance id number), make corrections to patient account according to ERA, save, and reprocess.
5. If the information above is correct, review the remit remark codes and followup accordingly.

If manual processing of an ERA is required, follow the steps in the link below.

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