Unassigned Payments User

Unassigned Payments User

Please follow these steps to Assign a User for payments and Reprocess your ERAs for posting.

Note: You must be an "Account Manager" user in ProviderSuite to perform this task. If you do not have access to the Settings tab in the ProviderSuite, please forward these instructions to another user with Account Manager permissions. 
  • Go to the Payments tab
  • Click on the EDI Payments screen
  • Select the desired User Name from the " Payments User" drop-down list
  • Click the Update button to the right of the User Name

Now Select "Unprocessed ERA's" from the drop-down list below the User Name and click the View button.
Click the Reprocess button to the right of each ERA

This will send the selected ERAs back into the processing queue. They will be available in EDI Payments within 48 hours for posting.

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