User Guide - Billing Manager - ERA Posting

User Guide - Billing Manager - ERA Posting

ERA Details                  

ERA Lookup

Practice managers and administrators can access ERAs' functionality from the main menu of Batch under Payment Application.

To Access ERA Lookup
  1. On the Accounting menu, click Payment Application as shown in the following figure.

  1. Billing Applet displays the Payment dialog box as shown in the following figure.

  1. Click the Batch menu and select ERAs as shown in the following figure.

  1. The Payment Application displays the ERA Lookup dialog box as shown below.



Red Alert

Display message that needs attention for completion of an activity.

User for Payments

Allows you to modify the user names assigned to ERA payments by selecting the appropriate user from the User for Payments drop-down list.


Allows you to assign batches posted from ERAs to the selected user.


Select the appropriate ERA status from the options.  The available options are:

  • Unprocessed ERAs – Indicates no batch has been created for the user to post.

  • Posted.  Pending Review – Indicates the batch has been created, and the user can post the ERA.

  • Find ERA by check or claim number.

  • Find ERA by date range.

Refresh ERA List

Allows you to view all the available ERAs.

Release Selected

Select the Release selected button to do a bulk release.

Combine Selected

Select the Combine Selected button to combine the batches.

Do not post from ERA

Select the Do not post from ERA button to remove the auto-posted payment and post it manually.

Check/EFT Info

Select the Check/EFT Info button to view other details from the ERA file header.

  1. Enter or select the search criteria in the ERA Lookup dialog box and click Refresh ERA List. A list of ERAs based on the search criteria is displayed as shown in the following figure.

  1. Select the required ERA by selecting the appropriate checkbox from the list and click OK. OR

  2. Double click on the required ERA. The following ERA Details screen is displayed as shown in the following figure.

Viewing Line Item Credits in ERA Posting

This option allows the user to view the line item credits when posting from an ERA.

When posting from an ERA, if the same situation has occurred with the payer applying the patient copay to multiple line items, click the red credit balance cell as shown in the following screen.

The posting option displays “Move to different service line.”

DR Payments for ERAs

The following are three offset transactions available from the payment cells in ERA.

  • Takeback—Insurance

  • Writeoff Payment

  • Late Filing Penalty

When you are in the batch and have posted all other transactions, you can address the provider adjustment for Overpayment Recovery/Insurance Takeback using the following steps.

1.  Click the General Tab just under (NEW)

2.  Click the Edit button

3.  Enter your patient account number or search using the binoculars.

4.  Locate the charge line the transaction needs to post to, click the ALL CLAIMS button if you do not see it

5.  Highlight the link you are posting to

6.  Check the post one detail at a time box

7.  Selection your transaction to the right of this box (Writeoff Payment/ Takeback—Insurance/ Late Filing Penalty)

8.  Enter the amount of the reversal, then tab over and enter your remarks

9.  Make sure the debtor is the payer posting the reversal, look in the Debtor box

10. Click the Add button

 Repeat as needed for multiple patients or dates of service.

Setting Default ERA User

To set a default ERA user

  1. From the WebApp, select Payments, then EDI Payments. Select a Payments User from the dropdown list, click the Update button. The Update button gets disabled and allows the currently selected user to be set as a default ERA user.

ERA Auto-posting Changes

ERA auto-posting process includes the following:

  1. ERA auto-posting process utilizes an additional match-up table, which allows few unprocessed ERAs caused by unidentified payer IDs.

  2. Adjustments are auto-posted for secondary payers.

  3. ERAs with payments related to several practices will not be processed automatically.

Identifying Additional ERA Markup

ERA lookup table displays the ERAs that need additional attention marked in red color text. Every ERA contains a reprocessing attempts counter.

The ERAs that fail to be reprocessed and the ERAs containing payments from multiple practices are marked up by red color text as shown in the following screens.

The user can see a pop-up note when the mouse hovers on an unprocessed ERA, as shown in the following screen.

Moving Payment to Unapplied Transaction

This option allows the user to move money to unapplied transactions for a patient debtor while posting ERAs. Patient debtor is available for the Move Payment to Unapplied transaction on the ERA Details screen to correctly process patient overpayments when posting ERAs.

Adding Patient Responsible Transactions

This option allows the user to add Patient Responsible transactions for ERAs without the need to post the claim manually. Patient Responsible transactions can be added to any Posted, Pending Review ERA. Posting of Patient Responsible transactions is enabled when a cell corresponding to a service line is selected in the Pt. Resp. Column as shown in the following screen.



Pt. Resp.

This column displays only transactions added by users and does not include Patient Responsible transactions initially present in the ERA.

Total Pt. Resp.

This cell calculates patient responsible totals for combined ERA Patient Responsible transactions and Patient Responsible transactions added by users.

Patient Responsible transactions are subject to the existing posting rules. They will be displayed on Posted Details, printouts, and in the ERA details table when an ERA is re-opened.

Searching ERAs by Date Uploaded, by Date Received, and by Accounting Date

This option allows the user to search ERAs by selecting the appropriate From and To date range using the calendar control. This date range option is classified into three different types:

  • Date Uploaded.

  • Date Received.

  • Accounting Date.

These three dates will also be added as additional columns to the search results table shown in the following screen.

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