Original Reference Number (ICN) Search Instructions

Original Reference Number (ICN) Search Instructions

The ICN is pulled from the claim unless there is an ICN from an EOB. This means that for all claims where the payment was posted from an ERA, there is no need to add the ICN in the

Original Reference #: field on Claim Final, because it will not recognize the number anyway. 

If you have posted a manual payment, the system will look for the number in the Original Reference # field and send it out on a claim. 

If you need to pull the ICN number, it can be found on the ERA under the Pat Name in the teal box labeled Payor ICN.

If the Clearinghouse has received the claim, but no ERA has posted to the claim in ProviderSuite,  the user can search the EDI portal for the ICN:
Click the Claims tab > EDI Portal sub-tab. 

Trizetto Clearinghouse website opens a new page:
Click the Manage Claims tab >  Search Claims History sub-tab.


Enter the Patient Account Number and Date of Service in the From/To fields, then Create Report:

The claim sent will appear > double click on the claim > scroll toward the bottom of the page to find the ERA's blue hyperlink. Click on the blue link to open and search within the ERA for the patient and Date of Service.

The ICN will be located within the claim payment details:

Note:   When ERAs are not received for a specific payer, you would need to either refer back to the payer's website for the original ICN number or locate the original paper EOB

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