How To Configure Claim Templates

How To Configure Claim Templates

How to configure Claim Templates
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Claim Templates


As some accounts have recurring groups of claims with the same CPT and ICD codes, ProviderSuite offers “Claim Templates” which contain a customer-configured group of ICD and CPT codes for repeat use.

For example, suppose two patients visit the facility for “Osteoporosis”, then there could be a Template available which will have all the ICD and CPT codes associated with osteoporosis.

Important: This feature is available only for the ICD-10 codes. Consequently, the ICD Default option on Settings > Account must be set to ICD-10 for each account where Templates will be used.

This feature is configured in the Web App and then used within the Billing applet. The user will have to first add a Template at the WebApp level (Settings > Account) before it will be available in the Billing applet on the Claim – Details screen.

Settings > Account > Claim Templates

Note: When selecting CPT Codes for the Template, you must click on the desired code from the drop-down list. Manually entering a code will not be accepted by the input field.

Once the Template is created, it appears on the Billing > Claim - Detail screen.

Billing > Claim - Detail

Entering Date of Service and then Selecting any of the listed Templates will then auto-populate the claim with the configured bundle of ICD and CPT codes.

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