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            User Guide - ProviderSuite Mobile - Login

            To launch the app, tap the application icon on the home screen of your Android or iOS device.

            Note: This app requires your device to be connected to the Internet. If you have not configured a Wi-Fi connection for your device, refer to the documentation for your Android or iOS device.

            Once the app opens, the Login screen appears:

            Enter the same Username and Password you use to access ProviderSuite from your computer.

            Enter the Organization ID as is appears in your account from ProviderSuite. The Instance is name of the instance of ProviderSuite where your account is hosted. This is usually the same as your Organization ID.

            When you are done entering your credentials, click Login. The screen may display a circular progress bar while your device connects to the ProviderSuite server.

            Updated: 22 Aug 2018 12:16 PM
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