How To Reset System Clock When User Can't Log In

            If you get an "incorrect system clock" error at login, simply close the browser and click on the PC digital clock in the lower right corner, on the Start Bar. 

            1. The system clock for date, time, and time zone is displayed. 
            2. Go to the time zone tab and make sure that it is set to the client's local time zone. 
            3. Also, check the box that says "Automatically Adjust for Daylight Saving Time." 
            4. Click Apply, OK, then go back to the clock main tab. 
            5. If the time has changed, reset to the correct time. 
            6. Now, if all is in order with the correct month, date, and time, then re-launch PA and the user should be able to log in.
            Updated: 05 Sep 2017 10:54 AM
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