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            Fix Patient Statements

            Regarding ticket 44604:
            The statements for VMN for the period from April, 16 to April, 24 are successfully generated.
            We have prepared a script to use in similar situations. The script is usable when the Create Patient Statements job fails, and allows to generate the missed statements for the specified period of time. The script force-updates the Next Statement Date parameter for patients which should receive statements in the future, but have no statements generated since the provided date.
            The task to provide detailed instructions will be very time-consuming, as a debug is required every time the Create Patient Statements job fails, and the reasons of failure vary, as do the measures taken to fix the problem.
            Please find the script attached, but please note that is is only usable in the situations when the Create Patient Statements job fails and the statements need to be re-generated for a set time period.
            Updated: 20 Jul 2017 11:05 AM
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