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            How to use the Claim Final Tab Attachment Details Feature

            You can now fax or mail your Medical Reports and send details in your claim so the payer will match up your claim and documentation as received.

            Just add information to the document and the payer will link Medical Reports with your claim submission.

            Here are the steps to accomplish this task. 

            When releasing a claim that needs an Op Report sent to the payer follow these steps: 

            From the Claim Final Tab > Select the Report Type Code from the drop down menu > Select a Transmission Code (Fax or Mail) > Enter an Attachment Control # (This is a unique number and will also need to be added to each page of the document that is being faxed or mailed) 


            When the claim is released this information will be part of the EDI or paper claim. Then you mail or fax your Op Report and the payer will match the claim to the document. 

            Updated: 02 Jul 2019 03:45 AM
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