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            Voiding or Deleting a Claim

            Please use the following steps to void or delete a claim;

            Voiding a Claim:

            1. Go to the Claim-“General Tab”
            2. Enter the “claim ID” and then select “Go”
            3. Once the claim has loaded, on the Claim General tab
            4. Click on the “VOID” button by the patient’s last name
            5. Confirm your request by clicking “OK “
            6. Please note voided claims will remain in the Patient Transaction History screen for auditing purposes.

            *** If the claim to be voided has transactions posted to the CPT codes these will need be reversed or moved to unapplied as determined by the types of transactions.

            Deleting a Claim:

            If the claim has not yet been released it can be deleted instead. This would be for claims that have the following statuses; For Review, For Client Review, For Billing Approval or Pre-Released.

            Use the following steps to delete a claim:

            1. Go to the Claim-“General Tab”
            2. Enter the “claim ID” and then press “Go”
            3. Once the claim has loaded on the Claim General Tab
            4. Click the "Delete" button just above the Patients Name field
            5. Click Ok to confirm your request.

            Updated: 24 Jul 2017 12:34 PM
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