Adding Extensions in Google Chrome browser for Launch Billing

            While we have optimized ProviderSuite for use with the Microsoft browsers, you can also use the Google Chrome browser. However, to access the Billing Manager and Schedule Manager applets, you will need to install a Chrome extension to add support for ClickOnce applets.
            Please note that both the Billing Manager and the Schedule Manager applets will only run on the Microsoft Windows 7 Professional, Windows 8.1 Professional, or Windows 10 operating systems. They will not work on Macintosh OS X, Windows Mobile, Android, or iOS.

            To add support for the ClickOnce applets to Chrome:
            1. Open Google Chrome and go to Settings
            2. Under the Appearance Sub Category Click on "Open Chrome Web Store"
            3. Click in the "Search the Store" box at the top left and search for "ClickOnce"
            4  Select the Menarva ClickOnce for Google Chrome
            5. Click the ADD TO CHROME button

            Once the "ClickOnce for Google Chrome" extension has been installed and enabled (you may need to close and reopen Chrome), the Launch Billing and Scheduling links will be activated within the ProviderSuite web site.

            Updated: 4 days ago
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