Uninstall Billing Manager

            There are two ways to remove the PracticeAdmin Billing Manager applet from your computer - using our Support Tool or by deleting the software directly from your hard drive.

            Option 1 - Using the Support Tool:
            1. Login to the ProviderSuite Web application at https://login.practiceadmin.com
            2. On the right side of the screen, just above the Online Support button, there is a blue link to                  "Launch Support Tool"
            3. Click this link. If Windows prompts you to run or install the support application. please approve this.
            4. A new screen will appear with PracticeAdmin Support Tool.
            5. On the Maintenance tab, click the "Clear PA Billing Manager Cache" button.
            6. Once it is complete, a pop-up note will appear that says Cache Cleared Successful. Click OK to close.
            7. Next, press the "Uninstall PA Billing Manager" button. 
            8. A pop-up screen will appear with the options to Restore or Remove the billing application. Select      Remove and click OK.
            9. Close the Support Tool screen by clicking the X in the top right corner.

            Option 2 - Delete the software from your hard drive:
            If option 1 doesn't work, here are the steps to delete the software from your computer's hard drive. Please be sure to log out of Practice Admin in order to successfully complete Option 2. 

            1. Right Click on the Start button
            2. Select File Explorer
            3. Double Click on Local Disk (C:)
            4. Double Click on Users folder
            5. Double Click on the Windows user currently logged in
            6. Double Click on the App Data folder
            7. Double Click on the Local folder
            8. Double Click on the Apps folder
            9. Delete the 2.0 folder 
            10. Go back to the Local folder
            11. Double Click on the Isolated Storage folder
            12. Delete the folder listed
            13. Login to Provider Suite and try again. 
            Updated: 26 Jul 2017 09:35 AM
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