Unapproving Receivables Statements

            Your staff should not have approved the statement for the account if you all did not want the statements to go out. When we generate the file it will pull all accounts with statements approved. Please have your staff move this account's statements back to the status of "Place on Hold for Statements" in Receivables and let us know when this has been completed. This should only take a few minutes if they follow the steps below.

            From Receivables Client
            For a Manager User
            1. Select the Practice Corrective Care
            2. Select the Type Quued for statements Printing (115)
            3. Now select all the boxes to the left of each patient in the list 
            4. Click the Work button in the bottom right corner
            5. Change the workflow to "Place on Hold for Statements"
            6. Then click on the "Process Checked" box to update the status of the patient statements.
            Updated: 09 Aug 2018 10:08 AM
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