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            TriZetto Paper Claim Charges

            To research Paper Claims Printing charges on your invoice:

            1. Go to ProviderSuite > Billing tab > EDI Portal > Manage Claims > Search Claim History
            2. Select Advanced Search from the Search By drop-down menu
            3. Enter the desired date range in the "File Processed by TriZetto" From and To boxes
            4. Under Filters, select the "Choose Filters" option and then check the "Printed to Paper by TriZetto" filter.

            A report of paper claims printed and mailed by the clearinghouse will be displayed.

            Fees for Paper Claims Printing are charged monthly in arrears. The per claim fee includes paper, envelope, printing, addressing, bar coding, and postage.

            Updated: 26 Jul 2017 09:48 AM
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