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            How to Update Tricare East Claims and ERA Enrollment

            WPS Military Veteran’s Health (MVH) has partnered with Humana Government Business (HGB) as a subcontractor for the new TRICARE East Region contract. Under this new regional contract, the TRICARE East Region is a merger of the existing TRICARE North and TRICARE South Regions.

            Beginning January 1, 2018, WPS will be processing claims for the TRICARE East Region contract for Dates of Service - 1/1/2018 and after. 

            Due to Tricare East transitioning to a new subcontractor, all providers will be required to complete new claim and ERA enrollment with WPS and be approved by 1/1/2018.  The processing time for this enrollment is 30 days.  If enrollment is not completed and approved by 1/1/18 claims will reject and ERAs will not return to Trizetto.

            See attached enrollment.

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            Updated: 15 Nov 2017 01:15 PM
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