Tips for Online Support Portal

            How do I access the PracticeAdmin support portal?
            Using your browser to go to
            From within the ProviderSuite web site, you can click the Help tab. This will open in a new browser window.

            What’s my support login?
            Your login to the support portal is the email address you use with your ProviderSuite account.

            What if I share an email address?
            The best solution is to have someone with Account Manager permissions update your user account in PracticeAdmin to have a unique email address. Otherwise, you will need to be sure that everyone sharing the email address is aware of the password to use when accessing the support portal.

            What’s my password?
            Your password had been set by ProviderSuite and then passed behind the scenes to the support portal. Consequently, you will need to use the “Lost password” option on the left side of to choose a new password.

            Once I've logged in, are there any other settings I should update?
            Yes! Please go to the Preferences screen to set your Time Zone and then go to My Profile  screen to confirm that your Name, Organization, Title, and Phone Number are correct.

            What’s the best way to submit a ticket?
            Click on the Help Tab and then select Support  or Go to, login, and click “Submit A Ticket”. You can provide all the details of the issue and even attach files.

            How do I check on the status of a ticket?
            Click on the Help Tab and then select Support or Go to, login, and click “View Tickets”. The default view is your open tickets, but you can press the green “View Resolved Tickets” to see your closed tickets.

            Updated: 26 Jul 2017 09:58 AM
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