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            Ticket Fields - Operating System

            To help research issues related to accessing our software, including launching our Billing Manager, Schedule Manager, and Receivables Manager installed apps, we have a custom field on Product Support tickets in Zoho Desk.

            The "Operating System" field is a list of the four operating systems that we support (Windows Vista, 7, 8, and 8.1) and nine that we don't. As always, our list of minimum system requirements can be found at

            This field is optional when entering a ticket. (If we find that many tickets are helped by having this information, we will make it required.)

            Support Team -- please note that collecting this information is required when:
            1. A customer contacts us by phone or chat to report problems accessing the software and we create the support ticket.
            2. When the Product Support Agent first responds to a Web ticket that mentions problems accessing the software.
            3. Before any ticket can be escalated to I.T. Support or Development, the Product Support Agent must complete this field.
            How to determine Windows version:
            1. Click the Start button , enter "Computer" in the search box, right-click the result "Computer" or "This PC", and then click Properties.
            2. Look under Windows edition for the version of Windows on that computer.


            Updated: 13 Aug 2018 08:49 AM
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