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            Self Pay Charge Master

            The first step would be to Add a Primary Insurance plan to the patient demographics for Self Pay patients. We have plans out there named "Self Pay". Once this has been added to your practice list a Self pay charge master can be created to pull for the assigned fee amounts.

            The second step would be to create a New Charge Master using these steps:

            Setup Tab
            Under Charge Masters click the Add New option
            Select the No Base Schedule option, scroll down and click Next
            Name the Charge Master "Self Pay ...."
            Enter your effective date, think of the Dates of Service being entered and back date as needed.
            Under the "Available " Insurance plans find the "Self Pay" plan and use the single arrow to move to the right as selected.
            Scroll down and click Save & Next
            Now locate and Edit the Non-Standard CPT codes added to your practice. 
            Click the Edit (blue pencil" button, enter the fees and click the green check mark to save this change.

            Make sure to close the Billing Manager and relaunch a new session to see the updates made.

            Updated: 28 Jul 2017 11:37 AM
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