Receivables Statement Setup

            Receivables Statement Setup

            Under Admin

            Practice Settings
            Select Practice

            Under 01. General
            Enable STA/DL Printing-Change to True

            Under 04. Statements
            Enable Statements-Change to True
            User Claim to Perform Approval-Select bucket, if any, to have statements that need approval worked if set to no approval statements go into the holding bucket
            Number of Statements to Send- Unlike Practice Manager, statements do go on indefinitely without DL letter, set to a very high number (200-500) if a practice wants unlimited statements

            Under 05. Delinquency Letters
            Same steps at 04
            Need Delinquency Code Letters

            Under 09. Address
            Add Mail and Return address
            If needing by facility, this is set up in a separate location
            Phone Text Field-Need number plus any text set up in this field or only phone number will print
            Practice Message-Separate message as needed

            Under 10. Credit Cards
            Turn any section to true if the practice accepts that type of credit card

            Collection Process
            Facility Settings-For by facility printing
            Development needs to set up in the db, non-person facility in order for the facility address to be used
            Check Printing Enabled
            Separate Printing
            Use Facility Address

            Updated: 13 Aug 2018 08:31 AM
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