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            Printing Settings for 1500 Form

            To print a 1500 form and update the margins. 

            1. From Billing Manager,Select the Option "Print" and then select "Claims"
            2. In the Print Claims Box, Click the Print Settings button
            3. Click "Print Test form" and Select the Printer needed 
            4. For the first print, leave the top margin, left margin, font size and font as defaulted
            5. Click to the right of Save & Close and select only the "Save" option
            6. Click the "Print Test Form" button.
            7. Select Print Test 1500 (02/12)
            8. Go back and change the Top margin and Left margin to move the alignment as needed. 

            Unfortunately, different printers have different results when printing to the pre-printed 1500 form. You may need to try several different To and Left margin combinations to get the data in the correct location with your printer.

            Recommended Printing Settings for the 1500 (02/12) Form:
            -0.1 Top Margin (note the negative sign)
            0.2 Left Margin
            10 Font Size
            Arial Font Name

            (You can also try the following alternatives for the Top Margin: -0.01, 0.2, 0.5)

            9. After lining up the margins the settings are saved going forward. You can now just click on the Print button from the Print Claim screen.

            If you are having issues with the margins and alignments, please print a few test claims following these steps. 
            Updated: 03 Aug 2017 11:49 AM
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