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            Patients that have been transferred to collections

            Once a patient account has been "transferred to collections" the patient statement mailed will no longer include the balance that was transferred to collections.
            The documentation we found regarding this system feature is: 

            • The Reset Statements button will be available for the patients in the Pre-Collections Completed and Collection Account statuses if there are claims eligible for statements.
            • Claims eligible for statements include all service lines belonging to claims with non-zero balance, and not transferred to collections.

            This has been the case since the 6.6 Billing manager release in February of 2015. Currently, if the patient is in precollections or the collections flag has been turned on you can remove these flags and still send patient statements that will include all balances not written off. The patient statement will not include collections only after a collections account has been "transferred", this means a collections report was generated which pulled the patient into the collections file to send to a collections agency. 

            Updated: 08 Dec 2017 06:53 AM
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