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            New Interface Order - First Reply

            Thank you for your recent interface order. When a new interface, one that is not already in our interface library, is requested, our developers need to evaluate the project effort and discuss the project with the other vendors involved. 

            The time from these initial discussions to a live interface can be up to six weeks starting from when your interface project arrives at the top of the interface development queue. Your position in the queue is determined by when your initial interface request and sales order were received from PracticeAdmin sales and will be slotted behind other interfaces that the interface team is currently working on. 

            Our standard interface is a two-way interface using the HL7 message format where PracticeAdmin sends patient demographics and appointment scheduling to the EMR, lab or other system and that system sends charges back. Please note that any changes from the standard interface specification can result in a longer project time.
            The next step is to identify the technical contacts at the other vendor. If you haven’t already provided this information, please send an email to A conference call will then be scheduled to review the interface specification, the project plan and discuss estimated time of completion. After the call has been completed, you will receive an update to let you know the estimated date that we plan on starting your project and the estimated completion date.

            Please feel free to contact during any part of this process if you have any questions about your interface project.

            Updated: 07 Aug 2017 10:41 AM
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