How to Schedule a New Patient Appointment

            How to Schedule a New Patient Appointment on Schedule Manager 2.0

            1. From the Schedule Manager in the top left corner click on (+) New and select "New Appointment" or you can click (Control N) on your keyboard.
            2. Click on "Add New" to Add New Patient Info
            3. Must enter Last Name, First Name, Date of Birth and Gender (all other fields are optional) - then click Save & Close
            4. If the SSN was not entered click Yes and the patient info will save
            5. Make sure the Provider field is updated with the provider the patient will be seeing.
            6. Make sure the Facility field is updated with the location the patient will be visiting.
            7. Select the "Type" of Appointment the patient is coming in for
            8. Click on the "Appt Notes" Tab to freehand notes about the patients visit (optional)
            9. Click the disk Icon in the Top Left of the Appointment Details window to save the New patient Appointment
            10. Review any pop up messages and edit appointment as needed and click the disk icon again to save the appointment

            Updated: 27 Sep 2017 08:49 AM
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