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            How to resolve ProviderSuite Database Performance Issues

            General database performance issues

            1. Identify and kill transactions that could be causing the problem
            - Result = transaction restarted, some users could be affected
            - Risk = kill a critical transaction that corrupts data
            2. Stop/Start the SQL Job Agent service
            - Result = jobs restarted, users not affected
            - Risk = none
            3. Stop/Start Database Engine service (includes SQL Job Agent) (Jake = 
            Restart SQL)
            - Result = all users exited from system until complete 
            - Risk = goes into recovery mode for a long time
            4. Reboot server that hosts SQL Server
            - Result = all users exited from system until complete
            - Risk = server takes a long time to recover


            Log File Issues

            Shrink log and then run update stats

            Updated: 23 Aug 2017 11:43 AM
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