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            How To Generate Appointment Reminder Upload File

            Most appointment reminder vendors, such as TeleVox or MDCall, allow customers to manually upload a file of reminders to be sent to their website, to a file server, or to dedicated email account.

            Run a daily report out of the scheduling system that includes the patients’ contact details and appointment details.
            Upload that report to the appointment reminder vendor’s website/server/a dedicated email account

            You will want to contact your Appointment Reminder service to find out what their manual upload options are and what exact format and info is required. Once you confirm this, you'll want to run the report out of Schedule Manager. An example report would be Appointment List by Patient. You would customize your columns on the report to give the Appointment Reminder service the exact info required for patients in order to make the call/text or email. All reports can be exported into Excel if that is the required format. If the required format is .CSV, export to Excel and then Save As to CSV.
            Updated: 23 Aug 2017 11:38 AM
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