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            How to add CPT Groups

            From the Settings Tab> click on CPT Codes
            Scroll down to "CPT Groups" and Enter a Group Description, then click the Add New CPT Group box
            Once you have added one or more "CPT Group Descriptions" now you can move one or more CPT codes into your group.
            Find CPT codes from your practice list (Click the Group dropdown menu) 
            Click on a CPT in the list then select the group name in the "Move selected CPT's to group menu 
            Then click the Update button. That CPT will now be added to the group of your choice.
            You can also select multiple CPT codes instead of one at a time by clicking the control key.
            Once you have assigned the CPT codes to groups you need to wait until the next business day to run the reports to see all the details.
            You can edit and change as needed however those changes will not reflect in the report until the next day.

            Updated: 07 Aug 2017 12:09 PM
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