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            End of Support for ProviderSuite Web Scheduler; Migration Path to ProviderSuite Schedule Manager

            As of January 31, we will no longer support the ProviderSuite Web Scheduler (also known as Schedule Manager 1.0) and, as of December 31, all customers still on Web Scheduler will need to have migrated to Schedule Manager 2.0, the current scheduling system used with ProviderSuite.

            This means that for PracticeAdmin software releases after January 2016, we will no longer be making any enhancements to Web Scheduler. In addition, defects or performance issues reported for Web Scheduler will not be investigated or fixed by PracticeAdmin. This End of Support notice applies to any future releases of our PracticeAdmin ProviderSuite product.

            How do I know which version of ProviderSuite Scheduling I am using?

            From within ProviderSuite, click on the Scheduling tab

            - If you immediately see an appointment calendar with the heading "Provider Schedule", you are using Web Scheduler and this notice applies to you.

            - If instead a downloaded applet launches and opens in a separate window, you are using Schedule Manager 2.0 and this notice does not apply to you.

            Why are you ending support for ProviderSuite Web Scheduler?

            Web Scheduler was the original scheduling system developed for ProviderSuite. In 2010, we released our updated Schedule Manager 2.0 which has all the features of Web Scheduler along with new capabilities. Some customers, including you, elected to remain on the older Web Scheduler product. After five years, it is no longer feasible to continue to support two scheduling systems.

            Can I upgrade from Web Scheduler to Scheduler Manager 2.0?

            Yes. We have migration utility that our support department will use to move your current appointment data to the new system.

            Is there a cost to change from Web Scheduling to Schedule Manager 2.0?

            No. There is no fee to convert and no changes in your monthly subscription fees between the two scheduling systems.

            If I'm using Web Scheduler, what should I do to start the migration process?

            You should open ticket via our online support portal at to schedule a migration of your current Web Scheduler data to the new Schedule Manager 2.0.

            What will happen if I take no action?

            You can continue to use Web Scheduler for now, but as of December 31, 2016, we will be turning it off and, if you have not migrated to Schedule Manager 2.0, you will no longer have access to your ProviderSuite schedule after that date.

            How can I get more information about this announcement?

            PracticeAdmin Support is available to answer any questions you may have about this announcement at or 888-294-9255.

            Updated: 23 Aug 2017 11:21 AM
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