EDI Rejection: Same Day Duplicate

            If you received an EDI Rejection that states "Claim Rejected as a Same day Duplicate" you can removed the claim from the rejection bucket by following the steps listed below. 
            Steps to remove a claim that does not belong in EDI rejections:
            1. Start at the Today screen, double click the EDI rejection bucket
            2. the list on the right, double click the patient and DOS you want to update
            From the Claim-General tab, in the right top corner click the button "Change Claim Status"
            A small box will appear with a dropdown box, select "EDI file confirmed" or "Submitted by Mail"
            Click the OK button to save this change

            *** We will inquire with the development team to see if the rejection statuses can be changed back to EDI File Confirmed.
            Updated: 14 Aug 2017 11:38 AM
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