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            EDI Claim Error for Corrected Claim

            If you have received an EDI Claim Error for Original Reference number for your corrected claims please see the information listed below.

            1. To send a corrected claim to a payer, the claim must have been previously accepted by the payer and responded to. If the claim was previously rejected by the payer and has never received a response, even if you have made changes to the claim date, the claim should be sent as New, not as Corrected. 

            2. Corrected claims require that the payer's Individual Claim Number (ICN) assigned to the original claim be included with the corrected claim. This number is found on an EOB or the ERA, and attached to the claim automatically by ProviderSuite. If you mark a claim as corrected that was not previously accepted by the payer, there is no payer tracking number for the system to include and the payer will reject the claim. The solution is to mark it as a new claim and re-submit.

            Updated: 16 Aug 2017 10:19 AM
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