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            EDI Claim Error - Applied to Ded

            This EDI Claim Error is happening because of the transaction "Applied to Deductible". You can fix this issue following the steps listed below:

            1. Double-click on the EDI claim error bucket
            2. Double-click on one of the patient claims
            3. Go to the Claim Transaction Detail screen (list paper by claim final tab)
            4. Click on the  "Applied to Deductible" transaction 
            5. In the box that opens at the bottom, change the transaction to "Patient Responsible"
            6. Click the Add to Preview button and if the claim has more than one line repeat 4 and 5
            7. Click the Save and Commit button to finalize the change
            8. Click the "Go To Claim" button and release the claim as New
            Updated: 16 Aug 2017 10:25 AM
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