Disabling Receivables Manager <-> Billing Manager Interfaces

            To disable a DM1/Notes/Statement Update interface for a practice in Practice Manager

            1. In Practice Manager database, set [NeedAriUpload], [NeedStatementLoad], and [NeedNotesLoad] to 0
            Fields in facility_group table related to ARI interfaces
            [upload_ftp_ip] [varchar](50) NULL,                        -- IP of FTP server for placing DM1 files that will be loaded into ARI
            [upload_ftp_path] [varchar](255) NULL,                  -- Path of FTP server
            [upload_ftp_login] [varchar](255) NULL,                 -- Username for FTP server
            [upload_ftp_password] [varchar](255) NULL,          -- Password for the FTP server
            [NeedAriUpload] [bit] NULL,                                   -- If 1 then DM1 will be generated and uploaded on FTP, if 0 then practice will be ignored during DM1 files generation
            [Acronym] [varchar](50) NOT NULL,                       -- Practice Acronym
            [NeedStatementLoad] [bit] NULL,                           -- If 1 then ARI Statements files will be imported to the practice in PA 
            [NeedNotesLoad] [bit] NULL,                                  -- If 1 then ARI Notes files will be imported to the practice in PA
            2. In ARI, using ARI Admin Utility, set “Disable Import” to True under Practice Settings (if you want to keep the practice data in ARI), or Delete the Practice (if you don’t need the data).
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