Configuring DM2 and DM3 File Locations in Receivables

            Receivables uses FTP to write the DM2 outbound file to a specific FTP server directory and also uses FTP to retrieve in the inbound DM3 file. The FTP server location, access credentials, and directory names are set in the config files.

            DM2 Config File: \ARI\ARISchedulerForApex\ClaimsUploader\ClaimsUploader.exe.config
             <add key="DM2.OutputDir" value=""/>
             <add key="DM2.StoredDir" value=""/>
             <add key="DM2.FTPserver" value=""/>
             <add key="DM2.FTPdir" value=""/>
             <add key="DM2.login" value=""/>
             <add key="DM2.passwd" value=""/>
            DM3 Config File: \ARI\ARISchedulerForApex\ArisDm1Import\ArisDm1Import.exe.config
             <!-- DM3 Loading settings -->
             <add key="DM3.Server" value=""/>
             <add key="DM3.Login" value=""/>
             <add key="DM3.Password" value=""/>
             <add key="DM3.RemoteDir" value=""/>

            Updated: 09 Aug 2018 06:51 AM
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