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            Billing Manager Bucket and Status Names: 7.1 versus 7.2

            With Billing Manager version 7.2, the Buckets and Claim Status Names used in the ‘Claim and Account Summary’ display and in the drop-down lists for Bucket and Status on the Today screen have been updated to be more user-friendly.

            For example, "EHR Import" is now "Imported Charges" and "Denied Svc Details" is now "Claim Line Denied by Payer".

            To assist you in learning the new status names, we prepared the attached crosswalk guide that shows the names in 7.1 compared to the names in 7.2. We recommend printing a copy of this guide and posting it near your computer until you become familiar with the new names.


            Updated: 20 Jul 2017 11:28 AM
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