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            Add User Account

            Note: You must be an "Account Manager" user in ProviderSuite to perform this task. If you do not have access to the Setup tab in the ProviderSuite, please forward these instructions to another user with Account Manager permissions. 

            Login to ProviderSuite
            Go to the Settings tab
            Click on Users link
            Click on "Add New Users" (top left side of the screen)
            Enter Last Name
            Enter First Name
            Middle Name (optional)
            Work E-mail (mandatory field - must be unique email address)
            User Name 
            Enter a temporary password for the user. The user will change the password on their first login.
            Choose security level for user
            CC to Manger defaults to Yes
            Click on "Add New User" button
            The new user is added to your account

            Updated: 17 Jul 2017 08:56 AM
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