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            Add an Allowable Fee Schedule

            Use the following instructions to add an allowable fee schedule when a user wants to compare an insurance company’s allowable amount against payments posted in the system. 

            NOTE: You must be an "Account Manager" user in ProviderSuite to perform this task. If you do not have access to the Setup tab in the ProviderSuite, please forward these instructions to another user with Account Manager permissions. 

            1. Login to ProviderSuite
            2. Select  the ‘Settings’ tab
            3. Select the ‘Fees’  Tab
            4. Select the ‘ Allowable Schedules’ on the left tab
            5. Select  ‘Add New’
            6. Select ‘No Base Schedule’ 
            7. Click ‘Next’ 
            8. Enter a ‘Schedule  name & Effective date’
            9. Check the “Open Ended” box
            10. Set the ‘Default fee multiplier for facility charges and non-facility charges to 100% ‘
            11. Select Desired ‘Available’ Insurance plans on the left tab and move them to right  side ‘Selected ‘12. Click ‘Save & Next’
            13. Users can choose to add the allowable amounts to the system via manual entry or import an Excel file with the fees. 

            To enter the fees manually use the following steps;
            1. While on the  ‘Override Entry’ tab
            2. Enter the desired  CPT code that you want to add an allowable amount to on the  blank white CPT field, then click on the Y filer and select the option “contains”
            3. Desired CPT Populates below.
            4. Click the pencil icon on the Third Column to edit the fields
            5. Enter the allowable amount under Fac.$ and Non-Fac.$
            6. Click on the green check mark to the left third column
            7. Repeat as necessary 
            8. When complete Click’ Finish’ to save changes.

            To Import the fees, use the following steps:
            1. Click the ‘Override Import/Export’ Tab
            2. Open the Down load Excel sheet and exported and Manipulate as desired
            3. Please make sure that the columns stay the same as listed on the template file. The amounts cannot contain any extra characters no (.) or ($), whole dollar amounts only.  File must be saved as a .csv or .xls.
            4. While on the  ‘Override Import/Export’ Tab, Select the file for Import Override XLS
            5. Click the button ‘Import Overrides’
            6. Click ‘Finish’
            Updated: 23 Aug 2017 10:37 AM
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