Add a user to Receivables

            When you add them as a user the practice and access is determined by you so they will only see what you give them access for. 

            Here are the steps to add a user to Receivables :

            Open Receivables Admin
            Go to the Users and User Classes tab
            Under "User Settings" click the Edit button
            As long as the Users are already in PracticeAdmin you will find them in the Users list. You might need to uncheck the box at the bottom of the page "Show only Receivables users"
            Click on the Users name
            Make sure their practice is checked in the box on the right
            Click the Edit button at the bottom of the page
            Select the User access you want them to have, for example click on "other" button, then check the box for "Office" and check the box for "Patient claims need action"
            Make sure the User enabled button is checked
            Now click OK
            Click OK again on the large screen.

            Updated: 09 Aug 2018 06:56 AM
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