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            How to add Account Reporting Fields in Claim Details

            The best way to track the item you mentioned is through our Account Reporting Fields feature. 

            NOTE: You must be an "Account Manager" user in ProviderSuite to perform this task. If you do not have access to the Settings tab in the ProviderSuite, please forward these instructions to another user with Account Manager permissions.

            • Go to the ProviderSuite > Settings Tab > Account Sub Tab
            • Scroll down to the Account Reporting Fields section
            • Only use Field Number 1
            • Enter a Field Label name
            • Check the box to Display Field
            • If this is an optional field, you should also check "Field not required"
            • Now click the Update button
            • Enter a Code - up to 6 digits and a Description 
            • Click the Add New link.

            You can now launch Billing Manager and use the new Account Reporting Field on claims
            Go to Claim - Details tab
            Click on a charge line
            Click on the newly named Account Reporting Field
            Select the desired value from the drop-down
            Click the Save button for the charge line
            Once complete with all changes, go to Claim - Final and Release the claim.

            Account Reporting Field #1 is displayed on any ProviderSuite report that includes the "Location" column. For example, the Claims by DOS report includes the Location column.

            If you need to use Account Reporting Fields number 2 and 3 on a report, you will need to request a custom report.

            Updated: 17 Jul 2017 09:04 AM
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