Working the Claim Line Credit Balance bucket on the Today Screen

Working the Claim Line Credit Balance bucket on the Today Screen

Being one of the red status buckets on the Today Screen, it is recommended to work these on a regular basis.
To work this bucket, load the bucket and toggle the Balance header to sort from ascending/descending. 

Locate any $0 balance claims and double click to load the claim.
Click the paper icon to jump to the Claim Transaction Detail screen.

In the Claim Transaction Detail, note the service line with the credit balance and any service lines with an outstanding balance to patient responsibility.

Highlight the black Payment (Patient) on the service line with the credit balance and notice the transaction windows activated in the bottom of the screen:

The Debtor should default to "Patient". Transaction should be "Move payment to another service line". Amount should be the amount of the credit. Click Add to Preview.

A popup will appear requesting confirmation of the CPT line where the credit should be applied.

Once the preview has been confirmed, click Save and Commit to save the changes. If the preview was unsuccessful, click Undo.

Note: Statements will go out for any patient with a balance on a service line, regardless of a credit on a subsequent service line on the same claim. 

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