VOID or REFUND Unapplied Payment New

VOID or REFUND Unapplied Payment New

Here are the Steps to Void or Refund a patient's unapplied payment.

1. Click on Payments (top left corner).
2. Select Payment Application.
3. Select Unapplied Payments.
4. When the Box opens, enter the Patient Name or Account Number.
5. Click the box to the left of the Unapplied Payment you want to Refund or Void.
6. The Date Received field will automatically default to today's date; however, you can change it if needed.
7. Click Refund or Void as needed.
8. This will remove the unapplied payment. 

The audit trail of these transactions can be found in our Unapplied payments by Accounting, or the Unapplied Payments feature under the Patient tab. Search for your patient, and the history will be shown.
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