Today Screen Dashboard Claim Buckets

Today Screen Dashboard Claim Buckets

Billing Manager Claim Buckets








Claim Line Credit Balance

Any claim with a credit balance on a line item. You can move credits to unapplied to move to another DOS or can be moved to an open balance in the same claim. You cannot move credits to other family member’s accounts without posting the transaction again.


Claim Line Denied by Payer

Denials posted, and claim line not resubmitted yet. Denials are posted during the payment posting process as Insurance Denied transaction only line. To resubmit a claim to a payer you must resubmit the claim from Claim-Final by clicking release.





Claim Line Unsubmitted

Claim lines that have not been submitted to any debtor. For claims that have been split between two different debtors, make sure to release each claim line to the correct debtor. 



Claim On Hold

Claims on hold are shown in blue in claim filter. Claims are placed and removed from Hold on the Claim-General tab. Placing a claim on hold will suspend the claim in the current claim status.



Claim Processing Error

Claims with errors


Claim Scrubbing Error

Claims that fail internal EDI edits when the claim file is created. (See Billing Manager Claim Scrubbing Error)


Concurrency Error

Anesthesia claims that exceed concurrency limits.


Payment Posting Error

Payment could not process due to error.  Open the   payment application and click "un-posted button".


Pending Industrial Invoice

Industrial Account claims where an invoice has not been sent yet.


Pending Patient Statement

Self-Pay claims, or claims transferred to the patient, where a statement has not yet gone


Pending Payer Paper Claim

Claims that are waiting to be printed on a HCFA form


Pending Rebill

Claims that have been tagged for rebill that need editing 

Provider On Hold

Claims that are on hold because the provider is on hold for an EDI Service. Contact the EDI department if you are a direct customer to help resolve this issue.


Rjctd by Clearinghouse/Payer

Claims that have been rejected by the payer.

Statements Not Going

Claims for accounts with statements on hold. Also includes accounts where pre-collection cycle is completed.



Concurrency Review

Anesthesia claims that require concurrency processing

For Billing Approval

Claims that are ready for review (managers can use this bucked for billing approval)

For Client Review

Claims that are ready for review (billing services can use this bucket for the practice)

For Review

Claims that are ready for review

Imported Charges

Claims imported from your electronic health records system

Imported Charges Error

Claims imported from your electronic health records system that has errors


Claims with incomplete information, or claims that the user does not want to submit immediately



Awaiting Claim File Creation

Claims that are waiting to be submitted by EDI

Pending Xfer to Clearinghouse

EDI file has been created, and is pending transmission.

 Various Stages


Claim Printed for Payer

Claims printed by user on local computer

In Transit to Clearinghouse

EDI File is being processed by the EDI servers

Invoice Printed for Ind Acct

Industrial Account claims where an invoice has been sent

Medicare Crossover

Medicare payment file shows that claim was crossed over to secondary payer

Rcvd by Clearinghouse/Payer

Payer has confirmed that the EDI file has been received

Sent to Clearinghouse

EDI file has been successfully transmitted, no confirmation received from payer yet

Statement Printed for Pt

Self-Pay claims with statement sent 

Claims transferred to patient, and statement sent

Under Review at Payer

Positive confirmation has been received from the payer system that the claim has been received and accepted for processing





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