Remove and Re-install Billing Applet

Remove and Re-install Billing Applet

Remove and
Re-install Billing Application

1. Login to the PA Web application.

2. On the right side of the screen, just above the Online Support
button, there is a link to "Launch Support Tool"

3. Please click this link. If Windows prompts you to run or install
the support application. please approve this. 

4. A new screen will appear labeled Support Tool.

5. On the "Clear app and cache" tab, press the
"Clear data cache" button.

6. Once it is complete, a pop-up note will appear that says Cache
Cleared Successful. Click OK to close.

7. Next, press the "Clear ClickOnce app" button. 

8. A pop-up screen will appear with the options to Restore or
Remove the billing application. Select Remove and click OK. 

9. When the Restore/Remove screen disappears, the billing
application has been removed.

10. Close the Support Tool screen by clicking the X in the top right

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