ProviderSuite 7.2 Release Notes

ProviderSuite 7.2 Release Notes

ProviderSuite 7.2 Release Notes are attached to this article.

Manage Patient Payments Easier
  • The Patient Payments functionality of the Billing Manager applet (Billing Manager> Accounting> Patient Payments) has been added to the Web App. This new workflow eliminates the requirement to launch the Billing Manager applet when you only need to post patient payments.
  • Using the new Payments tab, you can post patient payments to a specific claim or to the patient's account. You can also edit previously entered unapplied payments.
  • If posting a patient payment at the time of service, you can print a receipt for the patient.
  • The EDI Payments screen, previously on the Billing tab, has been moved to the new Payments tab. On the EDI Payments screen, you can review ERAs downloaded from the clearinghouse. However, posting ERA payments will still happen within the Billing Manager applet.
  • The Payments tab also has a placeholder link for a Payments Portal - an online patient payment module that will be coming to ProviderSuite later this year.

View Schedules Online
  • For accounts using the patient appointment features of ProviderSuite, this release features a re-designed Scheduling tab.
  • Clicking on the Scheduling tab now displays a read-only view of the appointment schedule with enhanced date controls.
  • You can filter the view by Providers and/or by Facilities to display only those schedules you need.
  • Since ProviderSuite now supports the Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome browsers, you can view schedules on even more computing devices and operating systems. Using the Schedule Manager applet still requires Microsoft Windows.
  • To edit appointments, verify eligibility, or use the other advanced scheduling features, you will still need to use the Schedule Manager applet by clicking the Launch Schedule Manager button on the Scheduling tab. However, over the next few releases, those features will be added to the Web App as well.

There are no changes to the Billing Manager or Schedule Manager applets in this release.

You can confirm your version of ProviderSuite as follows:
  • For the Web App, the version is listed in the footer of each page, near the copyright notice.
  • For the Billing Manager applet, the version is listed on the Help > About screen.
  • For the Schedule Manager applet, the version is listed on the About screen (accessed by clicking the "i" icon in the upper-right)
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