Posting is Forever

Posting is Forever

Few things in life are forever -- but payment posting in ProviderSuite is! 

We want to save you from the heartbreak of trying to correct errors. Shortcuts might seem like a good idea, but often lead to pain and wasted time. Our team at PracticeAdmin has assembled some tips to help you.

  • When an ERA comes through with payer adjustments (you’ll see red comments in the upper-left corner) this is literally a red flag

    • STOP -- DO NOT SAVE. Instead, put the ERA on hold until you’re ready to make adjustments

  • If there are forwarding balance or recoupment adjustments on an ERA, there will be a red warning message that says “This ERA contains provider adjustments or offsets.” If you do not enter those offsets into ProviderSuite, your Total Payment + Total ERA amounts won’t balance. For these types of ERAs: 

    • DON’T POST THE ERA since Total ERA Amount won’t match Total Payment Amount.

    • Before you start making entries, contact the payer to confirm you understand clearly the reason for the recoupment and all of the previously paid claims that the payer has adjusted.

    • Take the time to correctly add adjusting entries for offsets on all claims affected by the recoupment and then post the ERA.

  • Another big no-no is posting pre-claim payments and using unapplied payments against a claim prior to submitting to insurance. 

    • You might think you know what insurance is going to do, but you DON’T - trying to save time is actually going to cost you more time.

    • Hold your horses - post these payments AFTER the claim comes back from the payer.

  • Please hold your pre-claim payments in the Unapplied Payments bucket until after your claim is processed. Collect money from the patient but wait until the claim is processed to see where to put it. This will save you SO MUCH TIME.

  • Transferring money from one patient to another can create complications (for example, moving unapplied funds from one patient’s account to apply to a claim of another family member)

    • While this seems like it should be simple, it’s not.

    • What you should always do is follow generally accepted accounting principles.

      • If a refund is due, issue one to the patient with the balance.

    • You don’t have time to perform the mental gymnastics that are required to do this  in the system. Your time is valuable! Don’t waste it.

  • You manage your practice by relying on the reports in ProviderSuite. Taking shortcuts can lead your reports to be INCORRECT. Avoid making the wrong decisions for your practice and remember that Posting is Forever!

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