"Old" versus "New" Unapplied Method

"Old" versus "New" Unapplied Method

With the release of ProviderSuite 8.0 in 2019, only the "New" Method will continue to be supported. All remaining accounts using the "Old" method will be migrated to the "New."

Here are the key differences between the "Old" and "New" methods:

  • Accounting reports will be “sealed”, meaning that once a period is closed, then reports will show the same dollar amounts when run for the same date range.  Previously, the number could shift between doctors when an unapplied was applied to a charge.
  • All unapplied money belongs to the practice.  A provider will not see a payment appear in his/her column until it is applied to a service performed by him/her.  This may confuse the providers at first, and result in a one-time shift in the way they are paid, but is more accurate accounting-wise.
  • The end-user will see a slight difference in payment posting.  Since money is traced back to the source debtor, the system will not allow you to remove more money from a claim than was originally posted by the debtor.  For example, if a charge has a $10.00 patient payment and $25.15 insurance payment, you are not allowed to move $20.00 to unapplied under the patient debtor – you are only allowed to move up to $10.00 under patient debtor.

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