Manual Posting in an ERA

Manual Posting in an ERA

Manual Posting in an ERA

  1. To post a payment manually in ERA, simply choose the claim you want to post and click the "post manually" button. 

  2. This takes you to the manual posting section, next find the claim and click the "show prior" button to the far right of the claim line. 

  3. This will take you back to the ERA you will see that the colors are gone on that claim. Then click the "post manually" button again and it will take you back to the manual section. 

  4. Post the desired transactions and close that window. 

  5. This will take you back to the ERA screen and you should be able to save once you have finished all of your postings. 

  6. If by any chance once you post everything and your posted amount and your batch proof amount do not balance when the era is posted, Select the “edit” batch proof amount from the top Practice Management menu and change the amount. 

  7. Once the posted amount and the batch proof amount balance then you may release the batch as long as it states a status of “Posted Successfully”. 


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