How to Print EOBs / ERAs from Billing Applet

How to Print EOBs / ERAs from Billing Applet

Please use the following steps to print EOBs / ERAs from the Billing Applet:


  1. Login to ProviderSuite

  2. Select the “Claims” tab

  3. Select “Launch Billing” to load Billing Applet

  4. Click on “ Accounting”

  5. Click on “Payment Application”

  6. Click on “Batch” then select “ERAs”

  7. In the ERA Lookup box, search by claim, check number , date range or just look in Unprocessed or Posted Pending Review then

  8. Double-click on the first ERA to open the era

  9. Check the box on the left for “Select all claims for printing”. Then Select “Print” icon at the top toolbar to print the ERA.

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