How to edit a patient payment in the Claims Transaction Details screen

How to edit a patient payment in the Claims Transaction Details screen


How can I edit or remove a payment amount on a patient claim after it has posted?


Try these steps to resolve your payment from PracticeAdmin Billing Manager. 

1. Enter the claim ID at the Claim-General tab (upper right) and click GO.

2. Click on the paper icon to the right of the Claim-Final tab -Claim Transaction Detail screen.

3. Click on the Payment Transaction line that you want to edit, for example, 'Payment 4- Patient Credit Card' or 'Payment 1- Insurance'.         

4. A box will open below, edit the Amount field (for example from $40.00 to $35.00) and click Add to Preview. 

5. The preview will show how the transaction will change if you click Commit Preview. 

6. If the changes are correct click the "Commit Preview" button to post, if the changes are not correct click the 'Undo' button to remove the changes.

6. Refresh data to see the completed postings.

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