How do I delete a payment or batch that has been posted?

How do I delete a payment or batch that has been posted?

It appears that the batch has been posted successfully. Because all transactions saved remain in the software for auditing purposes, a transaction/batch can not be deleted. In this case, you would need to reverse the transactions in the Billing Manager.  

From the Billing Manager > Payments > Payment Application > Batch > Open >  search for a specific batch:

 1. Click the box to the left of the batch and click OK.

2. If the batch has been Saved but has not yet been released, add a new Paper Payment (New button).

3. The General tab payment details fields are now activated. Choose the A/C# > Tab or Find the patient by searching with the binoculars. Next, click on All Claims to locate the correct claim/service line. Finally, check the Post One Detail at a Time box.


4. To reverse the payment posted erroneously, Select the "Write-off Payment" transaction. After the amount has been populated, double-check the Debtor to ensure the correct debtor payment is being reversed. Then, click +Add to add the transaction to the posted details.

5. Review the posted details in the grid. To view the transaction against the claim, place the payment on Hold and click the History button to view the Claim Transaction Detail. Click the Save/ Commit Preview once you agree with the balance. If incorrect, click the -Remove button in the batch and repeat the steps above until the transaction is correct.

6. Once the write-off transaction has been confirmed, click Save.

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