ERA payment reversals for overpayment recovery

ERA payment reversals for overpayment recovery

When you are in the batch and have posted all other transactions, you can address the provider adjustment for Overpayment recovery using the following steps.

1.  Click the General Tab just under (NEW)
2.  Click the Edit button
3.  Enter your patient account number or search using the binoculars.
4.  Locate the charge line the transaction needs to post to, click the ALL CLAIMS button if you do not see it 
5.  Highlight the link you are posting to
6.  Check the post one detail at a time box
7.  Selection your transaction to the right of this box (writeoff payment) 
8.  Enter the amount of the reversal then tab over and enter your remarks
9.  Make sure the debtor is the payer posting the reversal, look in the Debtor box
10. Click the Add button

Repeat as needed for multiple patients or dates of service.

Your posted total at the top should come down. If posted correctly, your posted and batch proof will balance.

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