Run an ERA Analysis report

Run an ERA Analysis report

Below are the steps to identify payers you are sending claims to, but not receiving remits from. 

In ProviderSuite, access the EDI portal under the Billing Tab 
Hover over the "Manage Payments" tab and select "Run ERA analysis".
By default, the claim submission date range is 90 days but you have the option to customize the dates.
Create Report

To the left of the screen, select the arrow next to the "Site id" column and a list of payers that you submit claims to will appear.

To the right of the screen are the most important fields of this report, " Remits Received" and "Remits Available".

"Remits Received" column identifies whether or not the practice is setup to receive ERAs.
"Remits Available" column advises that Trizetto has a connection with the payer to enroll the practice to receive ERAs.

If the "Remits Received"  column is labeled as "NO" but "Remits Available" is labeled "YES", this indicates that you are not receiving ERAs for payers that you are submitting claims to and an enrollment is needed.

Create a ticket with the payers that you wish to receive ERAs and Trizetto will provide the enrollment forms.


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